Natural Pest Control Methods That Really Work

TIP! If you need to make doubly sure that no termites remain in your home, use a termite-sniffing dog to check for the presence of termites. A termite inspector can just confirm that one-third of your house is safe.

Pests in the house can be a lot of problems for any homeeowner. They may cause expensive damage and give you germs. The following advice will give you how to quickly and easily rid your home of pests.

TIP! Screens in your home should be repaired to keep out flying insects. The windows and screens keep out both flying and crawling bugs.

Make sure that all your food you store is tightly sealed. Food scents attracts many different kinds of pests.You should also take out the garbage if it is full. Pests are attracted to the scent of garbage.

TIP! Look around your house for any cracks or places that pests could enter, and seal them right away. These can be an open door for pests that are looking for a way into your home.

When you plant bushes around your house, put them about 12 inches away from your home at minimum. Many insects will live in the brush home. Placing bushes too close to your entry points or windows can risk having them go inside your home.

Be sure your recycle bin. Be sure to completely rinse out the soda when placing it outdoors or in your recycling bin.

TIP! Ensure that recyclables are carefully rinsed. Soda cans contain a great deal of sugar, which pests love, so make sure these are especially well rinsed.

You can get control of the insects and other pests that are plaguing you. Visit a home improvement outlet and ask for professional assistance. They should be able to tell you which treatments are effective at getting rid of pests.

TIP! Outdoor lighting can look great when you have company over or if you’re trying to deter people from trespassing, but they can also attract pests. If you need outdoor lighting, try to use orange, pink, or yellow tinted bulbs since they don’t attract pest as much.

Electronic pest repellents can be very efficient products. These tiny devices will emit a sound that chases rodents away when plugged in. Humans cannot hear the sound, but it is in no way harmful. Rodents dislike this sound and will run away.

TIP! Do you own an RV or a camper? If your store it over the winter, it can be an attractive home for mice. Many natural repellents work to keep pests away.

Keep mosquitoes away from your home by getting rid of places where they like to stay. You want to drain standing water sits stale. Mosquitoes have the ability to breed anywhere a small amount of water.

You should not use poison if you have pets. You should also not use rat poison if you have kids around. They might think they are candy.

TIP! Use chunks of steel wool to block any mouse holes that you find in your home. When the mice are trying to get through, they will eat them and die.

A major living spot for pests reside in drains. Be sure yours are inspected and cleaned regularly, either by using a snake or liquid drain cleaner. Debris and other things can cause mold to grow inside them, providing pests with an inviting home.

Dry Goods

TIP! Always take care to properly store edible items in airtight containers. A container made of glass or plastic with a tight lid is the best option.

Be sure to store dry foods in plastic storage canisters. Dry goods in boxes and boxes) are easy for pests to access. Transfer your dry goods into tightly sealed bags after every trip to the grocery store.

Store all your foodstuffs properly to prevent pest from pests. Glass and plastic are great to use if you’re sealing them with a good lid.

TIP! There is a clever trick to gather silverfish you see around your home. Leave a wet newspaper out while you sleep.

Keep all of your food stored away securely to avoid cockroach problems. A paperclip will not solve the issue, ensure that sealed containers and zip-lock bags are used for food storage.Cockroaches love food and they will go wherever it is. Keep all baking supplies, including sugar and flour, in containers.

TIP! If you’ve got termites, you need a good termiticide. You may choose from chemicals meant to kill the termites and those intended to repel termites.

Here is a trick you may want to try to catch all the pesky silverfish in your home. Wet some newspaper and put it on the floor overnight. Quickly dispose of the paper and take them outside.

TIP! When you are looking for pesticides to try to control your pest problem yourself, take along a few samples of pests. This way you make sure that you get the right product for your problem.

Use some hairspray on flying pests. Perfume may also work, but avoid getting it in your open eyes. These products are flammable so be careful around fire. This is a great quick-fix if you have any bug spray.

Reduce the clutter and you will reduce the amount of bugs. There are probably places in your home that are clutter magnets, from tables to counters to bookshelves.

If you notice spiders inside your home, remember that they are likely feasting on other bugs. Dust and sweep frequently to cut down on these problems to a minimum.

Do you use compost in your garden? This might attract a good deal of bugs.

TIP! Find the source of your ant problem before you decide on a solution. Their entryway to your home has to be discovered.

Try taking pantyhose on veggies growing in your fruits and vegetables. This keeps bugs and prevents other animals from getting your food. Pantyhose can be a great way to keep pests away from your food.

TIP! It is important that you pay attention to the weather when working with pesticides. Check the label to make sure the product is safe to use if it is windy, if it rains or if the weather is hot.

Pests are dark and damp places. To keep pest away, check your home carefully and find any wet areas, particularly areas with standing water. These areas are a breeding grounds for pests. Be sure such areas receive lots of ventilation to avoid pests.

TIP! The dark and damp areas are what pests like. In order to prevent them, you must go inspect your home for damp areas and standing water.

Try diatomaceous earth for your roach issue. You can put this in the spots where roaches live, such as on top of cabinets and behind your appliances. Diatomaceous earth does not toxic for humans. The tiny particles will kill an insect within two days by eating straight through their exoskeletons.

Alcohol is great for entertainment as it is pest control.Try putting some beer around your plants to help destroy snails and slugs.

Keep the outside of your home clean.

TIP! Summer equals fleas. If you have a dog, a cat or another animal that ventures outdoors, discuss the situation with your veterinarian.

Fleas are abundant in summer. If your pet spends time outside, discuss flea treatments with your vet, discuss the situation with your veterinarian. There are a lot of flea control products on the market today for dogs and cats alike.

TIP! Keep your home clean to keep pests out. Avoid leaving your dirty dishes in your kitchen sink.

Flour moths love your dry goods.You have to ensure that they do not have nothing to eat to get them to come out. Seal up everything you eat tightly, from cereal to pasta to sugar, so that you can rid yourself of the pest problem you may have.


Keep your home clean for less chance of pests. Never leave your dishes in a sink full of dirty dishes. Wash out your garbage can and lid on a regular basis. Do not let trash bag in the can for a long time.

Rat Traps

Rat traps are the best way for dealing with rats in your home. Place rat traps anywhere you find droppings.


You can now see that there are a lot of choices in the ways to control pests. Use this article’s advice and see which technique is most effective for the pests you have. Don’t hesitate to bring in outside assistance if you are unable to solve the problem on your own. It is critical that you rid your home of all pests, one way or another.