Tips About Managing Pests And How To Get Rid Of Them

TIP! An easy way to kill any flying bug in your home is to douse it with hairspray until it falls. The hairspray kills the insects, and the residual odor repels new ones from emerging.

Whether it’s mice, flies or roaches, pest problems can be quite the hassle. It costs a lot to hire a qualified exterminator. This is why it’s important to know how pests can be taken care of by yourself. The following article will explain how you to learn more about ridding yourself of pests.

Use steel wool to plug up mouse holes. Any opening larger than half inch should be stuffed. These rodents can come through extremely small openings.

TIP! It can be quite difficult to eliminate bedbugs because they can hide in out-of-the-way places. Before you call the exterminator, seal off any cracks or crevices.

Vacuuming the pests inside a home. This will help get rid of anything that you don’t see that may be contributing to the problem.Dispose of the bag in an outside receptacle as soon as possible.

Pest Control

TIP! Sealing cracks in your home is important when trying to rid your house of pests. These cracks can be an easy entryway for pests to come into your home.

Check local building authority and ordinances for available options for pest control. Spraying down a locally banned chemical can backfire if you sell your home later. It is important to research what you to find out the right pest control methods.

TIP! Avoid planting trees too close to the house if your home is prone to rat or mouse infestation. This makes an easy way for these rodents to climb up and enter your home using the attic or roof.

Never buy a house until it has been inspected for bugs first. Certain kinds of infestation are obvious, but keep in mind that you have no way of knowing what kind of pest is hiding under the home or in the insulation until you stay in the home for a few days.

TIP! You may be concerned about rodents entering your house. Inspect the outside of your home and look for cracks and holes through which rodents could come in.

A human professional will only be able to give you a partial diagnosis of your house is safe. A dog that is trained to sniff them out can cover 100% of your entire home. The reason that dogs can do this is because they can smell of methane gas which occurs when termites destroy wood.

TIP! Mice have been know to infest campers, RVs and cars that are being stored for the winter. There are natural repellents out there that can discourage them.

Food that is being stored and sealed well.Food scents attracts many different kinds of pests.You should also take out your garbage if it is full. Pests love the smell of trash!

TIP! Use this trick to successfully collect all silverfish. Place a wet newspaper on the floor and wait until the next day.

People who have problems with flying bugs must repair all of the screens in their home. Screens will also keep both flying and crawling bugs out of your home. Fix any holes you find and replace the gaps in screens so that bugs can’t enter.

TIP! Talk to neighbors for advice. If you have a mouse infestation, for example, neighbors may have the same issues.

If your water system has any leaks, fix them as soon as possible.Pests need water and it’s how they survive. They can actually sense even a drop of water from a great distance. Don’t let your neglect be the reason you can easily fix.

TIP! If you notice spiders inside your home, you should know they are more than likely feeding on other bugs. Vacuum and dust daily to help rid your home of pests.

If there are rats and mice in your area, avoid planting these trees too close in proximity to your house. This makes it easy for these rodents to climb up and enter your house through the attic or roof. A good rule of thumb is to plant trees no less than 15 feet from your house.

Outdoor Lighting

TIP! Nobody likes the idea that there are microscopic bugs in their bedding and other areas of their environment. A lot of people have an allergy to dust mites, and if you don’t, you should still strive to get rid of them.

Outdoor lighting can look great when you have company over or if you’re trying to deter people from trespassing, but these lights can attract pests. If you need outdoor lighting, try using bulbs that are pink, like orange, or yellow tinted bulbs since they don’t attract pest as much.

TIP! If you’re having a major pest problem, try switching out all of your small appliances. Ask friends and relations if they have extra appliances to share with you.

Find out more about the types of bugs and rodents are common in your home. Find out what repels them and what they don’t.You can rid your home of pest for the most effective treatment.

TIP! If you see lots of flying bugs, plant some marigolds. Marigolds have been known to keep away flying insects.

Hairspray can help you see flying insects. Hairspray will stick to them so that they can’t reach water by sticking to their bodies. This is a great option if you happen to have a bee fly in your home.

Use steel wool to plug up mouse holes that you find in your home. The rodents will eat the wool that’s steel and it will kill them.

Inspect walls and your foundation and all walls for existing cracks. These can be used for certain household pests. You may find cracks that pests will crawl through.

Reduce the clutter and you will reduce the amount of bugs. There are probably places in your home that are clutter magnets, from tables to counters to bookshelves.

TIP! Borax is a particularly useful pest control agent when fighting insects. Lay out some borax in areas which are prone to insect habitation.

Read pesticide directions and make sure to follow them exactly as they’re written. You will not get good results if you don’t use them precisely follow the directions.It may make it take several weeks longer than it needs to if you’re not following the directions.

TIP! If bird droppings are marring your house, seek out their roosts and let them know that they are not welcome there any longer. If they are roosting on a branch, cut it down.

If you see wood damage and believe it’s termites, inspect the wood rings. If you find that the rings have been damaged too, then it’s not a termite issue. If there is no damage, you may be infested with termites.

Is there compost used in your garden? This practice can attract a lot of insects.

TIP! When you have terrible dust mite allergies, try wiping down your plastic cover on the mattress each day. You might also consider washing all your linens each day.

Try taking pantyhose on veggies growing in your home garden.This keeps bugs and prevents other animals from eating your food. Pantyhose help keep your food safe until you can harvest it.

Alcohol is great for entertainment as it is pest control.Try putting some beer around your garden dirt; this will keep snails and slugs.

TIP! Rats would eat bird food all day if they could. If you have bird feeders in your yard, make sure that you are properly storing your bird food.

Seal any holes around your house’s exterior to keep rodents out. Rodents have the wondrous ability to slip through the tiniest of spaces, so patch them up.You can ensure that you don’t have rodents in your home if they cannot get into it.

Do you struggle with booklice? Throw away any food they have gotten into, and clean nearby surfaces with water and bleach.


When birds are defecating on your house, find their roosting spot and remove it. If a nest is on a limb, cut this limb back. If they’re landing on ledges on your home, try using roosting spikes to prevent them from roosting comfortably.


As previously mentioned, pests can be terrible for one’s house. It can be costly to hire an exterminator; this is why it’s important to learn what you can about taking care of them yourself. Keep these tips in mind when trying to get rid of pests.